Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction Treatments
If unwanted body hair is a headache you could well do without, Soprano Ice is able to offer you a virtually painless solution in the form of premium laser hair reduction treatments using the latest Soprano ICE laser suitable for both men and women.

Our laser hair reduction treatments will give you the confidence boost you deserve, virtually pain free.

Laser Hair Removal treatment for men and women
The Soprano Ice Laser is a revolutionary breakthrough in permanent hair reduction. Simply put, it is the safest and most effective laser of its kind, providing better and longer lasting results than any other hair removal method available.

The Soprano Ice enables us to provide customised treatments for any client to ensure a Pain-Free Hair-Free result. Not only does it work on all skin types, it also works on tanned skin too.

Safe And Effective For All Skin Types

The Soprano Ice Laser works by gradually heating targeted hair follicles with gentle pulses of laser energy. The laser is constantly in motion, giving the sensation of a warm massage. Our advanced laser system is replacing unpleasant, time-consuming, painful hair removal methods like waxing, electrolysis, or IPL.

The Soprano Laser quickly and effectively treats multiple hair follicles at once with no down time, enabling clients to resume their normal activities immediately after treatment. Best of all, this non-invasive, effective approach yields permanent hair reduction and long-term hair removal.

Am I suitable?

Laser hair removal works effectively for people who have pigmented hair. It is not suitable for people with blonde, grey or white hairs as they lack the pigmentation required to make this treatment effective.

Does it hurt?

While pain tolerance is an individual matter, most people find the Soprano Ice completely Pain Free. The Soprano Ice ‘In-Motion’ treatment enables the treatment to be customised to the client’s tolerance ensuring advantages that other treatments cannot provide. The skin of some clients may become red immediately after treatment. This is a normal reaction that will subside within 24 to 48 hours.

How long does it take?

The Soprano Ice Laser has two different hand pieces with an advanced cooling system.

We are therefore able to cover relatively large areas at high speed. The exact time is determined by the size of the area being treated. For example underarms would take approximately 15 mins, Half Legs 30-45 mins and Full Back 45 mins.

How safe is it?

The Soprano Ice Laser parameters are specifically designed to match your skin and hair type, assuring exceptionally precise and gentle treatments. It is the most effective and safest laser of its kind in the world. Soprano Ice is approved by the F.D.A. for all skin types including tanned skin.

For silky smooth and beautiful hair-free skin please contact us to arrange a free consultation and test patch which will be carried out at least 24hrs prior to any laser treatment commencing.


                Using two different wavelengths 

Alexandrite hand piece uses the world famous wavelength for the optimal results in laser hair removal, now with the Soprano system Alex can be used on all skin types. 

Diode hand piece uses a longer wavelength which is more ideal for very thick hairs. This is the newest technology in laser hair removal. 

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